Lerwick, Skerries, and Kensington – Ghosts

Last week Shetland had another bout of exposure when Dutch band Kensington released their current single ‘Ghosts’. Or I should say, it has been released for a while, but the video just went a bit viral around the islands.
The music video was filmed here in Shetland on Outer Skerries, an small island off the East of Shetland, with a population of only 64.
With the ‘Three’ Shetland pony advert kick starting this earlier in the year in March, and the hit BBC tv series ‘Shetland’ which followed, it’s nice to hear people asking questions about our small island up North.

You can watch the video here: Kensington – Ghosts

A truly evocative video and a great way of showcasing the islands, it also gives people local to Shetland a taster of how life is on some of these outer islands and equally as important, it suggests to me that lots of people, allover the world also find our islands fascinating.

I find the lyrics of the song particularly thought provoking especially as it is these small communities in Shetland that struggle the most. They want to hold on to their traditions and community spirit as a small place within Shetland but this can be hard especially in the current economic climate.
An article from ‘The Shetland Times’ recites the woman, Alice Arthur, who talks at the beginning of the song, ” Everyone, right down through the generations, has been working so hard to keep this place. We’re going to fight the death. We’re not leaving here.”

Linking this to my recent thoughts about how we have our own northern identity, it has shown me that every island in Shetland, and there are over 100, has something unique and special about them, and it is this which makes Shetland as a whole unique.
I think it is really great that Kensington have used Skerries as part of their video, and I’m sure when you watch it, you will realise how well the scenery and shots of the community vibe, links into the lyrics and the feel of the music.
I for one, cant stop watching it. I notice something different every time.

This has again got me thinking about what it is I want to promote through my textile label and while out for a walk in Lerwick I took some shots on my camera which I am hoping will inspire me through fourth year.
The sea is something which surrounds us here in Shetland and when I am away, I go on and on about how much I miss it. I went about 8 weeks without seeing the shoreline last semester and it’s weird how much you can feel unsettled by not breathing in the sea air. The sea is definitely something I took for granted when I used to live here permanently.

I love this old part of the town where the buildings are built into the water.
‘The Lodberries’ here in Shetland are in a unique setting and I have realised that it is quite an important part of Lerwick, as it these buildings which were once used for the fishing industry and throughout Lerwick there are themes of the natural and Industrial working together, this is something I really want to keep in mind.






After doing some research into the ‘i Vesterveg’ project that I spoke about in my last post I have definitely become a little obsessed about this whole Northern Identity thing…infact I think my friends are getting a little bored about me talking about it, and anything which I come across which might be slightly related goes into my journal. A great way of keep track of idea’s as well as keeping a blog.

So as my days left on Shetland are coming to a close, it is really important that I document everything before I leave. But finding videos and research such as Ghosts by Kensington, makes for a slightly different post!


One thought on “Lerwick, Skerries, and Kensington – Ghosts

  1. Love this post Amy! Especially the fact you mentioned “natural and Industrial” being a big part of Shetland. I based basically my whole 4th year work at art school around the idea of natural and manmade sitting side by side…highlighting similarities and revealing contrasts. It must be within our Shetlander nature to see these things…cant wait to see your finished 4th year work…I definitely need to get some of your beautiful textiles. xx

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